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VIBES (Virtual Business Skills Empowerment) tackles two types of skills relevant for future employability of young Europeans in a digital era: The ability to work in virtual and multi-cultural teams. Rather than training people for existing roles which are rapidly becoming obsolete VIBES aims at developing an entrepreneurial attitude to understand that a constant evolution of individual and organizational capabilities is needed as a response to emergent opportunities. Co-creation of innovative approaches to development of collaborative capabilities, networking opportunities and innovation and strategic skills development will facilitate a more sustainable individual skillset that can more readily adapt and create emerging market opportunities.


A team of seven institutions from Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Belgium and Switzerland will draw on best practices from each country to develop and deliver study and training modules for building of virtual teams’ capabilities with process descriptions of the learning outcomes and methods as integrated processes, supportive tools and assessment methods and criteria. Virtual collaboration space will be created for sharing of learning materials, experiences and ideas in order to promote intercultural collaboration and exchange of teaching experience and knowledge. Our modules may serve as potential development resources for SME’s in search for innovative intrapreneurs.