Existing educational programmes target each of skills targeted by VIBES individually or some combinations of them but at present there appears no educational content aimed at building of skills for work specifically in virtual multi-cultural teams. VIBES will fill this gap by developing and making freely available a distinctive educational and training content that will equip our target group – students and high school pupils with skills relevant for work in virtual teams. There are several distinctive ingredients of VIBES such as virtual environment, multi-cultural teams, team composition involving university and high school educated participants, mentoring from academia and business community, freely available resources for application in other socio-economic contexts. By combining these ingredients VIBES will produce educational content that is highly realistic and applicable in real world conditions providing target group with skills essential for their employability in a digital era.

VIBES will:

  • Provide mapping of skills needs for work in virtual teams among organisations using linkages of NGOs and SME involved in project.
  • Provide in depth country level and EU-wide mapping of approaches to development of virtual team skills in HEIs and high-schools.
  • Develop online multi-lingual educational content aimed at empowering target group with skills for work in virtual teams.
  • Design and launch virtual collaboration space on open source platform in form of open educational resource (OER) that will consist of two blocks. One aimed at instructors for boosting of their competencies for building of virtual team skills and second with educational content for self-assessment of own virtual team skills.
  • Develop guidelines for application of created content in different socio-economic contexts
  • Provide testing and validation of project outputs on a sample of virtual multicultural teams under supervision of mentors from academia and business.