The consortium is made from 7 partners from 5 countries (HR, FI, EE, BE, SUI) that possess relevant skills and competencies for an efficient and effective implementation of project activities. The main advantage of this transnational interdisciplinary project is that we can use “best practice “from each country to start with and share and develop collaborative approaches to building virtual teams’ capabilities.

By co-creating innovative approaches to support collaborative capabilities, networking opportunities, and innovation and strategic skills development, our aim is to support two targeted areas. Initially, we aim to develop the innovation and entrepreneurial capabilities of the students and second we aim to support the extension of these capabilities and modules as potential development resources for SME’s that need innovative intrapreneurs. Consortium aims to develop and extend innovative virtual teams to produce new entrepreneurial business capabilities and opportunities, while developing a more sustainable individual skillset that can more readily adapt and create emerging market opportunities.

We are not aiming to train people for existing roles which are rapidly becoming obsolete but developing an entrepreneurial attitude to understand that a constant evolution of individual and organizational capabilities is needed as a response to emergent opportunities. We believe that improving the capabilities of individuals to effectively participate in virtual transnational teams is a viable approach to sustainable economic development.