VIBES company engagement

First part of training activities will be undertaken within regular activities of HEIs involved in VIBES. Linkages will be established with business world to bring relevant companies and professionals who will be engaged in coaching. Testing and validation of VIBES outputs will enable final fine-tuning of its content in addition to providing targeted virtual team work capabilities to first cohort of recipients (students and pupils). In continuation, guidelines and instructions for application of not only its content but more relevant, its methodology by those practitioners interested in developing their own educational training content for building of same type of skills will be created. All these materials will be freely provided in VIBES OER platform. In this way VIBES provides pioneering pan-European cross-cultural training of virtual team working capabilities and provision of freely available content for widening of such educational/training content in different school and business contexts. This will not only enable fine-tuning of created content but also provide for the first time fully transferable materials for application and creation of content in one of underserved areas with clear need for intervention