VIBES collaborative platform

Platform will be designed as an open education resources platform, a digital learning hub on virtual skills. It is envisioned as learning organization involving also third parties interested in advancement of its virtual digital skills through exchange of agile learning resources. Platform content includes project leads in the form of call for tenders (“real-life problems” and challenges from inside and outside institutions), knowledge resources divided by topics, tender of student challenges, a database of fully prepared best practice, templates, manuals for train-the-trainer workshops, case studies, guidelines on designing and proceeding on solution based thinking (esp. design thinking, prototyping, EDU-SCRUM, project management and sprints). It is a mindful collection with respect to internal differentiation and course assessment with purpose to establish a lively ecosystem of knowledge, novel didactics, challenges and partners, which interact virtually on expertise and solutions.

The exchange of expertise is aimed to foster virtual collaboration in cross-cultural teams. Interaction structures are established and tested in the tradition of design thinking prototyping and teaching as design. Main goal is to establish, maintain and constantly improve virtual collaboration and learning by using uptodate learning products and tools. Exchange will be (a) within the institutions and (b) a specialists exchange transversal across the institutions (i.e. economics lecturer from university and high school). On this platform real-life challenges are exchanged and tackled through close virtual / cross-cultural collaboration between institutions lecturers and students. As a learning organisation knowledge base it advances collaboration skills with every project mission or prototyping process (design thinking). Lecturers and firms will be involved as coaches, case and scenarios designers. Students will have the opportunity to apply for projects and demonstrate not only their motivation to tackle the challenge but also their ability to perform / maturity for virtual collaboration in an entrepreneurial setting.