VIBES business survey

Currently the knowledge of the virtual team working capabilities is still in its early stage of development. The problem with existing knowledge resources is that they have mainly used top-down quantitative approach in the knowledge generation which delimits what we can know about the phenomena of virtual team working skills needed in the future. There is a need for up-to-date and future looking information since digital technologies as well as the way they are implemented to the organizational processes with the aim to build new business opportunities changes quickly.

The European Framework “DigiComp” provides general understanding of the digital collaboration skills needed, yet more comprehensive and deep knowledge is needed, especially regards the virtual teamworking capabilities as part of digital business environments. VIBES will develop virtual teamworking capabilities framework (currently not existing); and methodology. A qualitative survey will be undertaken for identification of virtual teamworking skills allowing deeper understanding of which capabilites are needed and moreover, how do they manifest themselves in today’s business environment.

The results of survey will allow the consortium to create an innovative educational content and methodologies for developing virtual teamworking capabilities among our future workforce for enhancing the development of new cross-border business opportunities. These outputs have usability potential during and after the project by stakeholders and educational institutions as a basis for development of learning experiences.